Community Partners

LPM principles work with non-profits, public housing authorities, private developers and faith based organizations to deliver cost effective management services to transformative housing communities that enrich the diversity and quality of affordable housing choices for residents of low and moderate income. Our commitment to building a better neighborhood drives us to develop relationships based on a single-minded commitment to achieving the highest standard in affordable housing management. Our commitment to this single purpose forms the bedrock upon which our services are based. LPM principles are proud to have previously and/or presently worked for the following parties:

  • Housing Authority of Joliet
  • Macoupin County Housing Authority
  • Livingston County Housing Authority
  • Menard County Housing Authority
  • Catholic Charities, Diocese of Joliet AHC
  • Vermillion County Housing Authority
  • Hawthorne Lakes, LLC
  • Ariel Community Development Corporation
  • Piatt County Housing Authority
  • Bethlehem Community Development Corp
  • Housing Authority of Champaign County
  • Rock Island Housing Authority