Maggie Peak

Senior Accountant

Ms. Peak is responsible for preparing all internal and external financial reports. Ms. Peak is responsible for the preparation and timely submission of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements, budgets and related reports in accord with owners and governmental regulatory agencies guidelines including HUD, IHDA and Section 42. She also supervises and coordinates reporting activities with the independent auditors for the preparation of all annual fiscal audits and tax returns. Ms. Peak has managed accounting and financial reporting services for community development corporations and for-profit management companies for the past 30 years including Draper and Kramer, P.M. One and the Woodlawn Community Development Corporation. She has actively been involved with the financial reporting on housing portfolios that include over 4,000 units representing market rate, tax credit, cooperative, and public housing communities. Ms. Peak holds a Bachelor of Science from Western Illinois University.

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